FORVER Healthy Products

We offer DNA repair products that bring your body back to homeostasis. This allow the bodyto heal itself. Some of the many benefits are:

*Protects cells from damage caused by free radicals. (anti-aging),

*Increases mental energy, fpportocus and concentration.

*Supports healthy neurological function and memory.

*Provides health endocrine system support.

*Helps in normal growth and development.

* Promotes cardiovascular health by supporting cardiovascular muscle tone and vasularity.

*Helps your body;s natural healing progress.

*Supports tissue generation and regeneration. and many for benefits.

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Naturopathic and Chiropractic Healer

Dr. Jeffrey Benton is a Certified Naturopathic and Chiropractic Healer who understands that as we go through life, trauma and traumatic events rarely heal completely and often leave remnants that slows the body down causing aging.

He uses cutting edge Kinesiology techniques to turn on the body's own self-correcting programs which enable the patient to heal quickly and naturally. Dr. Benton is a Certified Traditional Naturopath, a Clinical Nutritionist and a Qualified Medical Examiner for the State of California.

He developed the Emotional Trauma Release Technique™.

He quickly locates the area of dis-ease and neutralizes it. Results are often immediate and astounding.

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Katen Rangel


Tarot, Angel and Oracle card readings

Metaphysical Healing

Katen is an experienced psychic and healer. She believes it is very important to recognize the connection between the body mind and spirit. Sessions are available in person or by telephone. Whatever your concern may be she is able to give clear and direct insight. Katen has a background in health and wellness and continues her research in metaphysics till this day.

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Janeska Smith Asante

Mind, Body, Spirit Expert

Anti-Aging Educator

Troubleshooter, Problem Solver

Janeska is a practitioner who focuses on the Mind, Body, Spirit connection of each individual. She knows a holistic (whole body) approach is the only effective way to real healing.

Janeska takes a Chart Analysis by email or mail. After analyzing the Chart, she returns her recommendations to you for better whole body health and Anti-Aging techniques, customized to fit your personal situation.

During her Hypnotherapy training, she was introduced to EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique, which is a unique and simple way to deal with many things, like pain, phobias, fears, and negative lifetime behaviors. Through this training, she is able to use EFT & Guided Imagery in many ways to help you, as a Whole Body Wellness Advisor.

You can read Janeska's bio on her Website at She can be contacted for the Customized Chart Analysis, Healing The Child Within therapy, or for a free consultation at