Reflexology Testimonial

"What are people saying about Reflexology by Charles?"

" The experience of a reflexology treatment from Charles is something you don't want to miss. The peace that is felt after a treatment can only be described as "WOW" !"
Danny P., Melbourne, Florida

"We were all at dinner and I said I was in pain. Charles asked if he could touch my hands, did reflexology on both my hands, and I started feeling better. Then he treated both feet. I so appreciated the reflexology session he gave me. I felt better that night and the healing continued. He is truly gifted. The numbness and pain subsided in my feet and I had more energy. I wish we were closer, but I will see him again next visit."
Carol C., Stuart, Florida

"I have been a chiropractor for over 25 years and have experienced a myriad of bodywork and body workers including massage, Rolfing, hellerwork, deep tissue, reiki, etc.. I have never experienced the level of deep relaxation and stress relief that I felt from the feet, hands and ears Reflexology."
N. Snyder, DC Los Angeles

"As a nurse, I'm on my feet long hours and Charles' touch is magic to my feet after a long shift at the hospital. I have experienced his Integrated Reflexology of the hands, feet and ears numerous times and find it to be the most stress relieving and relaxing body work I have ever experienced."
J. Perry, RNC, Los Angeles

Charles, Your therapy technique is amazing. Journeying with you through my reflexology session was a healing experience. I consider you a micro system specialist of the hands and feet. You eloquently represent your brand.....Reflexology.
Keep up the good work!!
Michael Dunn, M.T.O.M, Licensed Acupuncturist

"I consider myself to be an expert in knowing quality bodywork having been a court reporter for many years. Being a court reporter is a very physically demanding job. Therefore, I know Charles to be an amazing reflexologist, one who really knows how to get in there and get to the point...the trigger point, that is! He is very spiritual, intuitive, calming, wonderful human being overall. Your experience with Charles will be one of relaxation, peacefulness, and rest as you experience his hands and after you finish your session. I highly recommend that you leave the stresses of your day behind and climb on that table and let Charles work his magic. You definitely won't regret it!"
Cheryl L. Perkins
Professional Organizer / Wellness Coach,

"Even a brief Reflexology session with Charles made a difference in my stress levels. The day-to-day details of working (and driving) in LA can create a high level of stress. A short session with Charles relaxed me and helped my focus and enjoyment during the rest of the week. He's amazing!"
Camille Leon, Director, Holistic Chambers USA
Co-Founder, Westside Holistic Chamber of Commerce

"You truly experience healing when Charles works on you. He has a gentle Manner and a very good touch. You may feel yourself transports to another place. Charles doesn't really play up all the benefits of Reflexology. In Chinese Medicine we observe Micro systems On the feet, hand and ears and so when you work on e of these locations you are really Sending healing to the whole body; improve circulation and digestion etc. great work Charles"
Chantaal LaBay, Acupuncturist

"Charles Haywood is a consummate professional, with a big heart. He is a master of his modality Reflexology in which he peppers in Pranic energy. I've had sessions with him and each time I am renewed and at peace. I've also worked with him on a professional level coordinating healing events and he is always on time and very professional with his demeanor. Of Commerce."
Regine. Vavasseur, Theta Healer

"There are no words to describe the incredible sense of well being I feel after one of your reflexology sessions. I am more relaxed and more rested than after a night's sleep. You really have the "Gift".
Sue . Balistocky, Attorney at Law

"I am at the computer all the time and occasionally get joint pain in my fingers. They also feel stiff after working all day. After the reflexology session with Charles, my fingers felt amazing; they were feather light, there was no stiffness, and the session itself made the blood circulate all over your body. And it made my headache go away. It was very relaxing and healing. The same thing happened with my feet. It really was blissful! Reflexology is a fast & efficient way to invigorate you full body and mind".
Johanna Juntunen, Journalist

"I have a very stressful job as an elementary school teacher. Therefore, I am a true beleiver that it's necessary to pamper myself. I get massages at least twice a month to relax me and release stress. I have deep tension in my muAttscles so I required deep tissue massages. I was so surprised when Charles massaged my feet, hands and ears using reflexology techniques. I felt the tension melt right out of my body with gentle firm pressure to specific areas instead of the pain I was used to feeling during deep tissue massages. When I finished my session I felt renewed, invigorated and relieved. I was no longer host to stress and pain but was host to an energized body again!."

Although I am a strong believer of alternative healing modalities, I never expected to rely solely on reflexology to help me overcome a health issue. Charles treated me for only 20 minutes one night in regards to excruciating abdominal cramps during PMS. After the session, I went home relaxed, but still not expecting what came thereafter... EIGHT months of absolutely NO pain! I went from having to leave work early due to my cramps to feeling nothing! Charles has a special energy about him - I think he was meant to do this work, Thank God he listened.