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Do you know that Reflexology can
               improve your Health ?

Experience a transformation as your stress just melts away.


Thank you for choosing Rejuvenating Reflexology. We specialize in authentic reflexology.We are trained in feet,hands and ear.Please see the reflexology maps below.

Charles is a Certified Reflexology Therapist from The American Academy of Reflexology in practice for 14 years. He is masterful in using the detailed Flocco Method combined with world class touch techniques to the hands, feet and ears. Ear reflexology is called Irricular Therapy and has a sedative like relaxing effect on the whole body.It is especially good for head, neck area while providing deep body relaxation. Reflexology is sometimes referred to as foot Massage; however Reflexology treatment is not foot massage. It is a specific theraputic skilful touch touch technique using mostly the thumbs and fingers. Charles uses a dual energy system with a blend of Ayuvedic, Brazilian, Chigong, Shiatsu Acupressure and other methods to give you an extraordinary Reflexology experience.

Make and appointment today to experience a world class theraputic Reflexology session by Master Reflexologist Charles. Many say "it will leave you with a blissful sense of well being, like no other." Click here to make appointment or call Charles at (310) 467-2232

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Here's what Reflexology can do for you:

  • 1) It gives major stress relief for your whole body
  • 2) It improves your circulation and energy
  • 3) It reduces pain of headaches and migraines
  • 4) It improves sleep and mental alertness

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